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Venice Inclined Oval Staircase
by Carsten Höller - opening

June 22, 5 pm - 11 pm
free admission


On the occasion of Art Night Venezia 2024, Palazzo Diedo introduces a new artwork by Carsten Höller included in JANUS exhibition.

Carsten Höller (1961, Brussels), has designed a permanent and functional artwork at Palazzo Diedo, the Venice Inclined Oval Staircase, which will be unveiled at Palazzo Diedo on 22nd June 2024. Transforming an original unfinished staircase in the 18th century Palace, the spiral staircase features metal balustrades, Vincenza stone and marmorino marble, all joined by metal frames. Accessible to visitors, the artwork will serve as a practical link between the main floors of Palazzo Diedo.
The structure of the staircase is inclined at a 5° angle, a tilt that is just enough for someone to notice, but too small to be obvious, creating doubt when stepped on, a characteristic that’s recurring in Carsten’s work.


German artist Carsten Höller lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden, and Biriwa, Ghana. He has a doctorate in Agricultural Sciences, a knowledge of the scientific working method that he adopts in his artistic activity, although to subvert its basic rules. He conceives art as a cognitive tool and uses his works to transform the sensory and emotional experience of individuals, he wants to disorient and provoke the viewer, altering traditional perceptive mechanisms by creating situations and experiences, which instead of providing certainty instil doubt and make people lose their bearings.


On June 22, for Art Night Venezia 2024, JANUS exhibition at Palazzo Diedo will be open 5 pm to 12 am, last entry 11 pm

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