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Ibrahim Mahama

1987, Tamale, Ghana 
He lives and works in Accra and Tamale, Ghana

Three Little Birds

Relief mural, fiberglass

Ibrahim Mahama produces installations that delve  into themes of globalization, labor, and the movement  of goods, frequently developed in partnership with  Ghanaian communities. The works exhibited at Palazzo  Diedo focus on the themes of railways and trains, with a  particular emphasis on Ghana’s colonial past. 

Three Little Birds is a permanent work created by  Mahama in his community in Ghana at the Red Clay  Foundation, launched in 2019 by a group of artists and  curators to promote local economic, social, and cultural  development, with the goal of making the population  active and economically self-sufficient. The work is  inspired by the visual materials surrounding the artist’s  studio at Red Clay: people interacting with elements of  the railway line create creative platforms, which serve the  artist to investigate the relationship between the body  and history.

Photos by Massimo Pistore and Matteo Catania- Hubove Studio

Turn Your Lights Down Low

Series of 24 Fine Art photographic prints on Hahnemühle paper


Series of C-print photographs on Dibond

The two as-yet unpublished photographic series reflect  again on the value and memory of the railway.  His collaborators sometimes become the subject of his  work themselves, as seen in the photographic series  dedicated to his assistants’ arms, showcasing tattoos  they had inked with their own names and other personal  details due to lack of paper documentation.

Photos by Massimo Pistore and Matteo Catania- Hubove Studio

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